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PVC marble sheet and profile manufacture project (PVC marble extrusion machinery)

Product application

PVC marble imitating sheets and profiles are used as substitution of natural stones like marble, granite as well as ceramic in interior decoration.

Ideal for decoration of public premises, they can also be used in private homes, especially in humid areas.

Product features Product specification
  • Natural appeal close to marble, granite, ceramic
  • Durable, but light, scratch resistant
  • Eco friendly
  • Fire proof, water proof
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Typical width/thickness: 1220*2-8mm (can be changed on request)
  • Typical length: 2440mm (limited with 2.5-3m stacker)
  • Color (in mass): any
  • Surface color: various marble patterns (made by heat film transfer)
  • Typical density: 1800 kg/cbm

PVC marble imitating sheet and profile project machinery list (production process)

Machine/line Description
Mixer WA-MVI500/1000 Mixing components: PVC + calcium carbonate + chemical additives into blend
PVC sheet extrusion line (PVC panel extruder machine) WA-XCV80/156-1400 Extruding PVC sheet from mixed blend with inline heat film transferring of "marble" pattern
WA-XCV65/132CX-240 PVC profile extrusion line (PVC profile extruder machine) Extruding profile "core" from blend + cap layer from pure PVC both combined  in co-extrusion mold with inline heat film transferring of "marble" pattern
Crushing mill 2-in-1 Crushing and milling PVC wastes into powder for recycling in production

General project feasibility data

Project Factor Description
Workshop area 1000-1500m2
Personnel 15 workers (24h) + 3-5 sales & management 
Average production capacity PVC marble sheet line: ~320kg/h, PVC marble profile line: 180kg/h
Installed power 150kw
Compressed air required (air compressor)
Water cooling water required (50t water tower)
Estimated project cost >USD200000 (including delivery, installation)