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A new durable wood-plastic composite has been created by researchers from the Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia. The study has focused on assessing the suitability of kenaf core fraction (about 65%of the whole stem of the plant) in powder form as filler material.

A number of beneficial physical and mechanical properties (such as strength, stiffness, fasteners holding ability, processability, attractive appearance etc.) as well as wide availability made wood one of the most widespread and commonly used construction and decoration materials.

«Wood-Plastic Composites 2011» Conference finally clarified the situation on the newly-established Russian WPC market. The Conference revealed about twenty local producers, however importers are still playing the locomotive role for this new product.

Wood-plastic composite (shortened as WPC) is commonly used as a definition for all natural (wood, bast, leaf, seed, fruit and stalk) fibers filled plastic composites. In the context of this definition "wood" represents all fibrous materials of plant origin.

Term "liquid wood" has likely appeared in the course of development of polymer technologies, particularly related to the field of new advanced composite materials based on plastics and wood fiber, well known today as wood-plastic composites (WPC).

For conceptual understanding, let us first refer to a definition of a composite material itself.

We have visited Green Building Expo China 2012, an event specializing in green building products.

This WPC Fair was held in the framework of a bigger event called Green Building Expo China 2011.

WPC sector with a couple dozens of booths occupied a cental area of the Hall at the Everbright Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. The majority of exhibitors were representing China's East.

China today is second largest and the most rapidly growing wood plastic composite market in the world. The scope of WPC industry related events in the country broaden every year. Plastic, wood and composites related events WPC Fair in Guangzhou aims at growing big internationally and bridge the gap between Chinese producers and overseas buyers.