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Plastic mixer WA-MVI500/1000 (PVC mixer, high-speed plastic mixer)

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Vertical high speed plastic mixer WA-MVI500/1000 designed for mixing of various plastics (PVC, PP, PE) with other formulation components, i.e. fillers (wood, calcium carbonate etc.) and chemical additives.

Plastic mixers may all look the same but their performance may differ remarkably. Our mixer design and material quality not only ensures longer lifetime of plastic mixing machine but also produces high-quality blend and thus higher quality of finished plastic product.

Plastic mixer features & benefits

  • This is two-stage mixer with high-speed hot mixing followed by slow-speed cold mixing. Hot mixer distributes, pre-melts, wets material particles while cold mixer cools blend down, preventing the particles from aggregation.
  • The mixer is equipped with wear and corrosion resistant blades with static and dynamic balancing. Blades should be different for mixing different materials, for example PVC wood blends need different design blades as compared to PE/PP WPC blends.
  • Highly filled wood polymer mixing requires higher quality, corrosion and wear resistant steels of optimal thicknesses. Pot wall surface are precisely polished to avoid material sticking to walls and scale.
  • To operate in cool environment / climate we furnish hot mixer with additional electric heating device.

Basic specification

We offer this plastic mixer in different implementations of units, components and materials so that plastic mixer price may differ to meet customers budgets.

Standard model WA-MVI500/1000

Hot/cold mixer volume


Motors installed power

75/15kw (inverter control)

Production capacity

  • Max up to 700 kg/h (depends on formulation and materials used).
    Working capacity for WPC mixing ~400-500kg/h.
  • ~150-175kg/batch ~10-15min/pot ~4 pots per hour

Raw material (depending on formulation)

  • Polymer (powdered or granulated PVC/PE/PP etc.)
  • Filler: wood powder, calcium carbonate, talc etc.
  • Chemical additives

Finished product

Homogenous blend of raw material components