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PVC marble sheet extrusion line (extrusion machine) WA-XCV80/156-1400

Equipment type: 

PVC marble imitating sheet extrusion line is based on conical twin screw extruder (extrusion machine) 80/156 equipped with extrusion T-die, both specially designed for extrusion of solid PVC filled with calcium carbonate.

Basic specification

Standard model WA-XCV80/156-1400

Main extruder


Extruder main motor power


Production capacity

~400kg/h (max plasticizing capacity ~500kg/h)

depends on sheet thickness as well as other technological factors (formulation, extrusion process, raw material quality)

Extrusion line downstream machines and units 1400mm
  • extrusion T-die
  • 3-roll calander with heat film transferring (lamination) unit
  • protective film gluing unit (option)
  • cooling roller stand
  • lengthwise cutter(s)
  • haul-off unit
  • cutting unit with dust collection system
  • stacking table

Raw material

  • Blend of PVC, calcium carbonate and chemical additives
  • Heat transfer film with "marble" or other pattern

Product (PVC marble sheet)

  • Standard width: 1220mm; (can be changed on request)
  • Length: 2440mm (standard) limited with 2.5m stacker
  • Color (in mass): any
  • Surface color: various marble patterns (made by heat film transfer)
  • Typical density: 1800 kg/cbm