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New design

PVC WPC extrusion machine (conical twin screw extruder) WA-XCV80/156

Equipment type: 

Conical twin screw extruder (extrusion machine) 80/156 specially designed for extrusion of PVC composites filled with wood, calcium carbonate such as WPC lumber, PVC panels, sheets, boards.

It's equipped with optimally designed wear-resistant screws suitable to process wood plastic composites (WPC) wth PVC carrier, solid and foamed, as well as highly filled pure PVC profiles, panels and sheets.

General technical data

We offer extruder in different implementations of units and components so that prices can differ to meet customers budgets.

Standard model WA-XCV80/156

Screw diameter


Main motor installed power

55/75 kw (depending on production purpose and model)

Production capacity

up to 500 kg/h

depends on design and size of profile, sheet, board as well as other technological factors (formulation, extrusion process, raw material quantity)

Raw material

Blend of PVC, wood powder and/or calcium carbonate and chemical additives


Variety of designs and sizes depending on installed extrusion mold / T-die: wider, solid WPC lumber, foamed wood PVC sheets, boards and panels, solid PVC marble sheets, hollow PVC WPC door panels

  • Width up to 300mm (for conventional lumber), 400-600mm for hollow boards and panels, 700-1000mm for hollow door panels;
  • Length (limited with stacker): 4-6m (for WPC lumber), 2-3m (for panels, sheets)
  • Color (in mass): any (using pigments)
  • Surface color: solid, mixed, heat transferred or printed patterns depending on technology
  • Typical density: foamed 700 kg/cbm - solid 1800 kg/cbm (depending on formulation, technology and other factors)