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PVC wood plastic composite (WPVC) pelletizing line

Equipment type: 

PVC wood composite pelletizing line is intended for production of different color foamed pellets used for making indoor WPC profiles with natural wood grain.

It is based on single screw (SS) extruder specially designed for making PVC WPC resin in the form of pellets using a multi-strand die-head and cutting device.

Line features

Pelletizing extruder is specially designed for compounding and extruding foamed PVC wood composites followed by pelletization. Wood content in the composition is normally around 30%.

Brief of the technology

WPC preblend made with upstream high-speed mixer is fed into extruder's feeding hopper. The preblend is mixed and melted inside the barrel, with melt being forwarded to and pushed through the pelletizing die-head that spreads it out into multiple strands. Strands are cut into WPC pellets which then pass through downstream hoppers for cooling and packing.

PVC wood composite (WPC) pelletizer lines series

WPC pelletizing lines are selected according to project requirements to capacity.

Extrusion line⇒
Z3 Z4 Z5
Output, kg/h (max) 250 350 500