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The 3rd Beijing International Expo of Wooden House & Structure and Supporting Facilities

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Event dates: 
2013-03-13 to 2013-03-18

On November 23, 2011, the State Council of China issued a white paper for the purpose of coping with climate changes, in which it defined that wooden strucuture houses would serve as one of measures to cope with climate changes. It is believed that this will become a chance to promote explosive development of wooden building industry! In order to further guide the scientific construction and market development of wooden structure buildings in China, and promote the wooden structure construction industry to develop and catch with the international advanced level, more authorities will be invited to join the 3rd  Beijing International Expo of Wooden House & Structure and Supporting Facilities in 2013! Japan, Finland, Canada and other countries will make groups to participate through the industrial organizations! The exhibition will be held during March 15-18, 2013, in New Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center and its square. It is expected that the exhibition area will reach 17,000 square meters, 200 enterprises will participate in the exhibition, and the exhibition will be divided into domestic and international exhibition areas. We believe that with continuous supports and participation of both new and old customers this exhibition will provide domestic and foreign exhibitors an exchange platform, which is full of commercial opportunities and charms! And also we believe that Beijing International Expo of Wooden House & Structure and Supporting Facilities will become an important bellwether for leading development of wooden structure construction industry! We are looking forward to your participation!

Scope of exhibits

  • Residential wooden structure and material: light-duty wooden structure, heavy-duty wooden structure, wooden villa, integrated residence, combined wooden house, vacation log cabin, Japan type wooden house, wooden truss roof, prefabricated wall body for wooden structure, radiata pine, southern pine, Mongolian scotch pine, Japanese red pine, Douglas fir, Korean pine, red cedar, larch, pinus yunnanensis, OSB board (European pine board), hemlock, Canadian SPF, plywood (integrated timber), flame retardant wood, flame retardant plywood, outer wall cladding and other materials for residential wooden structure;
  • Landscape wooden structure and material: wooden pavilion, wooden bridge, wooden fence, wooden handrail, wooden fisembuhe, flower shelf, grape shelf, outdoor swing, outdoor floor, outdoor tables and chairs, waterside platform, sauna board, wooden floor, flower bed, landscape terrace, anticorrosive wood of wooden structure, carbonized wood, anticorrosive dipping wood, Indonesia timber and other landscape wood;
  • New WPC landscape profiles: WPC house, WPC pavilion, WPC floor, WPC planking, WPC flower shelf, WPC fences, WPC footpath, WPC step; WPC doors and windows, decorative laminate, sound insulation panel, skirting, keel, signboard, billboard, moisture-proof board, roof and other WPC materials;

  • Bamboo structure buildings (original bamboo and reorganized bamboo): bamboo villa, bamboo house, bamboo pavilion, bamboo bridge, bamboo building, bamboo flower shelf, bamboo fence, bamboo archway, bamboo corridor, bamboo guardrail, bamboo screen, bamboo blinds and other indoor and outdoor bamboo decorative materials;
  • Other supporting facilities and products: wood wax, wood oil, outdoor/weather-proof/anticorrosive wood oil, outdoor wood lacquer, timber anticorrosive paint\ protective paint\ anti-corrosive coating, weather-proof wood paint, water seal coating, fire retardant coating, wooden structure construction technology, wooden structure design, energy-saving system inside and outside wooden building, wooden anticorrosive equipment, wooden door, wooden window, wooden floor, wooden stair, outdoor furniture, etc.;
  • Production and processing machinery for wooden structure, bamboo structure and WPC structure/drier for timber dehumidifying, fastenings for wooden structure, nailed connection, etc;
  • Demonstration building of bamboo and wooden structure with  advanced residential  technology applicated, forefront international residential design cases including residential house, villa, integrated house and etc.;
  • Architectural design consultation of wooden structure, the related industrial products, etc.

Who's invited?

Urban construction units from all provinces,  planning bureaus, municipal works and gardens administration bureaus, management departments in development zones, scenery reserve management departments,  tourism and leisure area, golf development units, real estate developers, villa contractors, construction/planning design institutes, building and decoration design institutes, garden landscape design companies, project construction units, villa buyers, international traders, wooden structure manufacturers, domestic channel dealers, green building design and construction companies, new environmental protection technology developers, financing units for green building project, scientific research institutions, industrial associations and committees from each province and city in China