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PE/PP wood-plastic composite (WPC) extrusion line (One-step)

Equipment type: 
  • One-step PE/PP WPC extrusion line specially designed for PE/PP based WPC lumber extrusion. It is a tandem of co-rotating parallel twin screw WPC compounder and single screw WPC profile extruder;
  • No separate WPC pelletizing line required. One step WPC line saves factory area, power, salary costs.
  • No drying needed if wood powder's humidity is within 8%.

One-step WPC extrusion

  • WPC formulation components (wood powder + PVC+ additives) are mixed in two-stage high-speed hot-cold mixer.
  • WPC dry-blend is sent to extruder's autoloader and conveyed into WPC compounding extruder feeding hopper.
  • Twin screw WPC compounder mixes and melts WPC blend and sends it hot directly to WPC profile extruder.
  • WPC profile extruder forwards the melt to the mold that shapes it into WPC profile of designed form. Cooling water helps to complete shaping. You just need to change WPC extrusion mold to make different WPC lumber product.
  • Profile extruder is followed by downstream in-line units (calibration table, haul-off unit, cutter and stacker).

One-step WPC extrusion line capacity

One-step WPC extruder capacity ranges from 60kg/h (for smaller decorative profiles) to 500kg/h (bigger panels and solid boards).

WPC extrusion output depends on extruder modification, profile type&size, other technological factors (formulation, process parameters, raw material quality, operator skills etc.)

Extruders are selected based on profile types& sizes to be made. Common WPC lumber production line's capacity ranges within 80-140kg/h making up 4-5sqm/h.

WPC profile general technical data

  • Profile structure: hollow or solid
  • Standard width: up to 240mm (standard max)
  • Thickness/height: up to 120mm (hollow) or on request
  • Profile length: ~4-6m (limited with stacker length)
  • Color (in mass): any (depending on used pigments)
  • Density: 1200-1400 kg/cbm (depending on formulation and other tech factors)

Applicable post-extrusion treatment

  • sanding
  • brushing
  • embossing
Спецификация типового ПЭ/ПП ДПК профиля

Тип профиля: полнотелый или пустотелый
Типовая ширина ДПК профиля: 30-150мм (макс. на стандартной линии - 240мм)
Толщина/высота ДПК профиля: до 150мм
Толщина стенок: типично не менее 3мм
Длина ДПК профиля: ограничена длиной укладчика (типично 4-6м)
Цвет: любой (в зависимости от применяемых пигментов)
Типовая плотность: 1200-1400 кг/м3 (в зависимости от рецептуры и других технологических параметров)

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