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The 14th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair

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Event dates: 
2012-07-08 to 2012-07-11

CBD 2012, as the No. 1 trade show for interior decoration and materials in Asia, will once again prove to be a continual and resounding success. It will further exert the advantage of "The combination of comprehensiveness and professionalism", to show you a multiple and interactive platform for "Trend, Transaction and Technology" of the future.

CBD 2012 is the gate for your insight into the markets of China and Asian, as it brings you:

  • 320,000 SQM taking you into an innovative and renowned world of building decoration and materials, which sees the largest-scaled and most professional.
  • 5 sub-shows plus 9 pavilions for 14 main themes of building sectors giving you a perfect "one-stop" solution for buying.
  • 2,400 extraordinary exhibitors from more than 30 provinces of China and 10-plus countries and areas from abroad for favorable cooperation with you.
  • 40-plus conferences and events by various industrial powers connecting you to the industrial elite worldwide.
  • 120,000 plus visitors from approximately 50 countries and areas.

Top themes for your attention

Window & Door: Multi-level display under the roof of CBD

The high-speed progress of window & door sector surges the pursuit for fashionable and personalized home environment. Window & Door section will further hand in hand with other themes, like Wardrobe, Decorative Glass, and Stair to express the glamour of cross-border integration.

80,000 SQM will not only show you popular materials, like plastic-steel, aluminum, wood, and art glass, which are developed in recent years, but also newly-innovated high-ends, as eco-door and steel-wood door and so on.

Decorative Hardware: The vane of decorative hardware world

As the No.1 top event for brand building and product releasing, the section will show you a world of high-tech exhibits with the scale of about 80,000 SQM. Especially the created "International Brands Section" will further access you into various choices from all over the world. Largest scaled and most innovative are the accurate description of this part.

Sanitary Ware and Building Ceramics: Integrated showcase with manufacturing bases

As one of the main themes for export in CBD, this section will show you a rich profile, and diversified features by the main manufacturing bases of China, including China's No.1 sanitary ware producing base-Chao an, one of the three Plumbing Fitting Producing Area-Yuhuan, the Capital of Valves, as well as the Base for Urinal & Toilet Sanitary Ware.Decorative Glass/Slide Door: A performance of top brands

As the close connection between decorative glass and slide door comes to the new trend of the sector, what "Decorative Glass/Slide Door Section" performs is not on a traditional way any more, but on a renowned road. More than 300 big players will bring you an "industrial upgrading stage", as well as the charm of modern living.

Floor Covering: An innovative trendy show

What kind of materials or products could suit to the fashion of eco-friendly life?

What are the most renowned styles in floor covering sector in Asia?

Floor Covering Show, one of the core themes in CBD, will hand with more than 200 high-quality exhibitors to give you the wholly and accurate expression.