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PVC wood composite (WPC) door extrusion line

Equipment type: 

This foamed PVC wood composite (WPC) profile extrusion line is based on high capacity counter-rotating conical twin screw extruder specially designed for extrusion of foamed PVC-based WPC extra large panels and plates.

This line will allow you to make foamed PVC wood composite door panels for indoor applications.

Brief of the technology

WPC dry-blend prepared with upstream high-speed mixer is fed from a loading hopper by means of a spring conveyor into the feeding hopper of twin-screw extruder intended for gentle mixing and melting of WPC blend. The melt is forwarded to and pushed through the extrusion die head being shaped into hollow panel. Foaming agent inside the formulation enables lower density of the finished panel. Thanks to foaming technology door panel becomes lighter and more stable in size.

WPC profile extruder is followed by dowstream units (vacuum calibrator unit, haul-off unit, cutter and stacker) that facilitate optimal conditions of the extrusion process and cut continuous profile into pieces and boards.

Line features

The barrel and screw pair are made of corrosion and wear resistant steels with nitriding. Aia cooled barrel can be furnished with heating elements of different types at customer option.

Oil cooled screw is made with high precision machinery according to special design to comply with the requirements of gentle shearing of PVC-based WPC.

One stage foamed PVC wood composite (WPC) door extrusion lines selection

WPC extrusion lines are selected according to specific profile types and sizes matched against extruder capacity.

Extrusion line⇒
X-4 X-5
Output, kg/h (max) 250-350 300-500
Screw diameter 80/156 92/188
Profile type solid plates, hollow extra-large boards and panels Whole-piece door panels, hollow extra-large boards