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One-step PE/PP WPC profile extrusion lines

One-step technology: cascading WPC extrusion line for making outdoor PE/PP WPC profiles without preliminary pelletizing.

  • No preliminary pelletizing required - you save on initial investments, power costs, shop area, salaries as you avoid using separate pelletizer line.
    Hot melt aggregates are forwarded directly (without passing a die) to WPC profile extruder reducing screw and barrel wear and tear while providing for better WPC profile quality (polymer is melted only once).
  • No additional wood fiber drying allows you to save on costs and shop area.
    Co-rotating twin-screw extruder proved to provide the best mixing of WPC blend while venting out excessive moisture through the barrel vents.
    Wood powder with moisture content up to 8% can be used without additional drying.
Equipment type: 
  • One-step PE/PP WPC extrusion line specially designed for PE/PP based WPC lumber extrusion. It is a tandem of co-rotating parallel twin screw WPC compounder and single screw WPC profile extruder;
  • No separate WPC pelletizing line required. One step WPC line saves factory area, power, salary costs.
  • No drying needed if wood powder's humidity is within 8%.