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WPC pelletizing lines (WPC pelletizers)

Based on parallel and conical twin screw or single screw extruders, WPC pelletizing lines are designed to make PE/PP/PVC wood composite (WPC) resin in the form of pellets (granules) for extrusion of WPC lumber, injection or compression molding of finished WPC products.

Extrusion grade PE/PP based WPC resin is normally obtained through extrusion using twin screw extruders.

Foamed PVC wood composite (WPC) pellets are usually made with single screw extruders.

Equipment type: 

PVC wood composite pelletizing line is intended for production of different color foamed pellets used for making indoor WPC profiles with natural wood grain.

Equipment type: 

PE wood composite (WPC) pelletizing line is based on modern co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder specially designed for making WPC resin in the form of pellets (granules) using a multi-strand hot-face die-head and cutting dev