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PVC wood (WPC) profile extrusion lines

WPC extrusion lines are based on conical twin screw extruders specially designed for making unfoamed or foamed PVC wood composite (WPC) profiles without preliminary pelletizing.
Best for making both indoor or outdoor foamed decorative profiles, wall panels and ceiling or outdoor unfoamed PVC WPC decking, cladding, porch flooring and other lumber.

These lines normally include counter-rotating conical twin-screw extruder with mold and calibrator, downstream calibrating water tank, haul-off unit, cutter and stacker. Such extruders are originally designed for processing of powdered as well as shear-sensitive materials like PVC.

The technological process is standard.

  1. Raw materials (PVC, wood flour, chemical additives) are intensively mixed in high-speed (turbo) mixer and then fed into extruder hopper by the means of automatic conveyor loader.
  2. Extruder mixes and melts the blend through a screw shear and barrel heating, forwarding the melt along the barrel into extrusion die where it is shaped into profile, with the help of downstream vacuum calibrator.
  3. Haul-off unit facilitates better calibration conditions.
  4. Cutting unit cuts continuous profile into boards of specific lengths.
  5. Stacker pushes finished board into collector.
Equipment type: 

This foamed PVC wood composite (WPC) profile extrusion line is based on high capacity counter-rotating conical twin screw extruder specially designed for extrusion of foamed PVC-based WPC extra large panels and plates.

Equipment type: 

PVC wood (WPC) extrusion line is based on counter-rotating conical twin screw extruders 65/132, 80/156 specially designed for PVC-based wood polymer composites, both foamed and solid.

Foamed WPC lumber is ideal for indoor decorative applications (WPC picture frames, blinds, skirting etc.), WPC doors frames, wall and floor panels, ceilings etc. With proper formulations and extrusion process they can also be used outdoors. Solid (un foamed) WPC profiles are typically intended for outdoor application (WPC cladding, WPC decking, WPC fencing etc.).

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